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It's Fun to Be Fooled!!

An Adventure into the Paranormal!

The Man Everybody Sleeps For!!  ©

​​LEE DARROW is an award winning magician who will amaze and enthrall your guests with his own, unique brand of interactive magic, whether close-up, strolling, cabaret or in larger venues.

•  Cards appear in the strangest places       •  Coins melt through solid objects  

                •  Nerf balls do astounding things    •  Borrowed objects sometimes even float in mid-air!

Customizable for ANY event - from trade shows to hospitality suites, to corporate picnics to private parties and even costumed soirees, LEE DARROW will entertain! LEE brings a new and different kind of entertainment, by allowing your guests to directly participate in the amazement, becoming an integral part of the show - without being embarrassed in the process!

LEE DARROW, a Certified Hypnotherapist, and Founder of the Stage Hypnosis Safety Initiative for professional stage hypnotists, brings this astounding power to YOUR next event.

See the mysterious power of one mind to influence another!

                •  The Man from Planet Macho      •  the Supermodel Strut       • the Hypnotic Horserace!

Lee’s hypnosis show is unlike any you have ever seen. Done without the demeaning and embarrassing stunts so often associated with such shows, Lee’s goal is to find hidden talents and abilities in his volunteers ­in a fast and funny way, of course!

With performances for Kraft Foods, Sandals Resorts, CDW, Discover Card Services, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra fundraiser, and many more corporations and private events, LEE’s shows are hypnotic!

​​​​​​LEE DARROW reads minds are read as easily as the Sunday funnies!

Whether as a standup psychic program or as a reader of Tarot, I Ching Oracle or his own Fantasy Runes, Lee Darrow will shock and amaze you with his insight.
Lee’s acclaimed Sightless Vision performance never fails to impress an audience and, under special arrangements, Lee can perform his spectacular Blindfold Drive as an added publicity stunt or fundraiser.